Andrew Teufel, RMT, CHSE

Andrew Teufel RMT, CSE, CASE, YT

Andrew Teufel has been involved in health care for 27 years. His own personal path has involved travelling the road of injuries and pain for nearly fifteen years. Andrew integrates the practices that brought the positive changes of comfort, control and freedom to his health. This experience gives Andrew a unique practice and perspective to help others.

He has worked as a RN both in Canada and the USA, where he received training in CCU. He has been a student of Yoga with a personal practice for 27 years and has had a personal practice in Somatics for 20 years in addition to being a Registered Massage Therapist of 21 years and a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator for 15 years.

Andrew completed his East to West Yoga teacher training 350hrs, Red Door Yoga Teacher Training 500hrs and Somatic Yoga Teacher Training with Eleanor Criswell, PhD.

Andrew believes in a somatic (mind/body) approach in helping individuals back to comfort and health.

Violet Reynolds, RMT, CASE, YT

Violet Reynolds, RMT, CASE, YT

Violet has been an RMT since 1996. She has studied Applied Somatics since 2004 and has a daily personal practice of Somatics that has helped her to transform her health, including eliminating headaches, recovering from frozen shoulder and eliminating tension and pain. Violet completed the Applied Somatics Clinical Series in 2010 and her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Red Door Yoga in 2013.

In individual appointments she incorporates Somatics and Massage Therapy. Violet’s intention is to help clients to improve health and comfort. Her personal success with Somatics inspires her to teach clients how they can become aware of unconscious tension and habits, release muscle tension/stress and improve mobility, flexibility and posture. Violet encourages and supports clients to improve and manage their tension so they can be more comfortable daily and to maintain and improve function for a more joyful comfortable life journey .

In our Movement Room, Violet teaches classes in Somatics and Somatic Yoga. Her classes promote safety, relaxation, self knowledge, self exploration and pain management. She is inspired by witnessing the changes in students and clients and hearing how the ease of Somatics has improved their health and quality of life.

Kyla Mortil, RMT

Kyla Martil RMT

Kyla Mortil RMT

Kyla has been a registered massage therapist for over 20 years. She has studied myofascial release, muscle energy, Craniosacral therapy, among many other therapies. She is now focusing more on somatics and is finding great results with her clients.

Kyla has been working at the Duncan Wellness Centre/Applied Somatics since December of 2013, and is looking forward to many more years at this clinic.




Kat Belsher, RMT (Alberta), CYT (Alberta)

Kat Belsher RMT

Kat Belsher RMT

Kathryn Belsher is an RMT, Yoga, Somatics and Therapeutic Yoga Instructor. Kathryn has had a lifelong interest in health, wellness and fitness. Her interests in fitness prompted her to take Alberta Fitness Leadership certifications I & II in 2001, following later with a certification in Iyengar style yoga and yoga therapy certifications in 2009 and 2010. Most recently she’s added Yoga and Somatics level I & II plus Applied Somatics trainings to complement her massage and yoga background. Her current studies have her adding ONSEN Therapy to her massage practice. Kathryn’s journey to Registered Massage Therapy began with a debilitating foot injury that was misdiagnosed for over a year. A Massage Therapist with a Somatics background was finally able to help her heal, thus sparking an interest for Kathryn to pursue Massage Therapy training herself. “In hind sight I needed to go through a long journey of injury and numerous treatment options in order to discover Massage and Somatics. This lead to a profound life and career shift.”

Kathryn believes each person’s specialty is more than a gift, she calls it a unique GIVE. Kathryn’s GIVE is her connection ~ an innate ability to collaborate, then customize wellness and recovery for individuals through the therapeutic effects of Massage, Somatics and Yoga. Kathryn holds space for all, soothing and educating the mind, body and soul of each client.


Jet Li, R.Ac.

Jet Li, R.Ac.

Jet Li, R.Ac.

Jet Li is a BC registered acupuncturist, Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher. His job and passion are to promote healing through traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Jet is able to incorporate a high level of awareness into his acupuncture needles due to his years of meditation practice. Jet caters to his clients and makes sure the treatment is both comfortable and effective. He often has good results with people who otherwise haven’t had luck with other types of therapies.

Jet teaches traditional Yang style and Chen style Tai Chi in Victoria and Duncan. He also offers a class of Tai Chi Gong in Duncan Wellness center. Tai Chi Gong is a combination of Tai Chi and Chi Gong movements (which coordinate slow movements with breathing, visualizations, meridian tapping, chanting and guided meditation). It is designed to heal the body, relax the mind, and bring clarity to one’s perception. The exercises in this class are gentle, calming, holistic and easy to follow and highly effective for pain and stress. There are sitting and standing components to this class.